36-Hour Fasting & Autophagy

Lined Circle

Autophagy: Cellular Renewal 

Autophagy clears out damaged cells, promoting cellular renewal and overall health. 

Counting the Hours 

Start the clock: Your 36-hour fasting journey begins.

Stay Hydrated

During fasting, drink water and herbal tea to stay hydrated and support the detox process.

Nutrient-Rich Foods

Consume nutrient-dense foods before fasting to provide essential vitamins and minerals.

Mindfulness Matters

Practice mindfulness and relaxation techniques to manage hunger and stay focused.

Engage in light exercises like walking or yoga to enhance the fasting process.

Light Exercise

Autophagy in Action

As fasting progresses, autophagy ramps up, breaking down damaged cells and supporting overall wellness.

Breaking Your Fast

Choose nourishing foods to break your fast gradually, supporting your body's transition.

Long-Term Rewards

Incorporating periodic 36-hour fasts can contribute to improved cellular health and overall vitality.